Years of experience in SPM hose manufacturing, engineering, and analysis gives ETA a wealth of knowledge concerning SPM hoses and we would love to pass on our expertise to you!There is nothing more important to your SPM hose operation than properly educating your personnel about SPM hoses.  Many SPM hose failures, and the resulting replacement costs can be avoided through proper education of onsite personnel. Both onsite training and classroom style seminars are offered as part of our training services. ETA also provides comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals as well as engineering procurement specifications and installation manuals specifically developed for your SPM hose operations.

  • Onsite “hands-on” training & demonstration
  • Classroom style presentations & seminars
  • Custom operation, installation & maintenance manuals

SPM Hose Vigilance and Awareness

SPM Hose Vigilance & Awareness


Onsite “Hands-On” Training

Seminars and Presentations

Seminars & Presentations

Subject Matter Expertise

Subject Matter Expertise

Operation, Maintenance, and Installation Manuals

Operation, Maintenance, and Installation Manuals

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